Posted Remaining 2010 Training Schedule

Posted on 25-May-2010 by Craig Shallahamer,

I know many of you don't receive my email updates, so I figured I had better post the details about my upcoming training on my blog.

I just posted my training course schedule for the remainder of 2010. As you can see, I'm going be traveling quite a bit! If you're interested in attending one of my training courses, the main schedule (w/registration links) can be found here.

If you have taken one of my courses within the past three years, you can receive a 50% discount for a re-take. I'm always updating my courses and most people are surprised by the number of re-takes. Email me for the discount code.

Here's a look at where I'll be teaching by course:

Oracle Performance Firefighting 2010. October in Philadelphia and November on the West Coast of North America. I'm still not decided on a West Coast location. It will probably be Irvine, Santa Clara, or Vancouver (BC). Email me if you have a preference.

Advanced Oracle Performance Analysis. October in Philadelphia and November on the West Coast of North America.

Oracle Forecasting & Predictive Analysis. August in Washington, DC. This is a very special offering. The recession has all but killed this course (which I absolutely love to teach), but I've been getting enough interest lately that I decided to offer it in a typically central location; Washington, DC. I purposely selected a date that is before a major US holiday and before the craziness of the Fall begins.

2010 One-Day Performance Seminar. September in Tempe, AZ and Tampa, FL, plus possibly two other locations in December.

I frequently get asked about the differences in my courses, so here's a summary. Both the Oracle Performance Firefighting and the Advanced Oracle Performance analysis courses are focused on thriving in an existing intense performance battle. The firefighting course weaves together systematic and quantitative methods, diagnosis, Oracle internals, and deriving multiple spot-on solutions that make perfect sense. The advanced analysis course is focused on objectively and quantitatively ranking these solutions and being able to effectively communicate them to management. In contrast, my Oracle Forecasting & Predictive Analysis course is squarely focused on understanding how much your existing or proposed system can take before the wall is hit and the firefighting begins. In other words, you're working to avoid getting into a firefight in the first place. The one-day seminar is a combination of topics pulled from my courses and latest research packed together in a very intense format.

I know this seems way out into the future, but I'm already considering locations for 2011. If you would like me to teach in your area (or on-site at your company), just send me an email. And I always try and partner with local Oracle user groups because it's a good thing for everyone involved.

Hope to see you personally later this year!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me directly at craig at

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