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Posted on 05-Dec-2011 by Craig Shallahamer,


This is an unusual post because it's rare my work is published by traditional media. The magazine DB Trends and Applications (DBTA) published an article I wrote entitled, Uniting Operations Research With Time-Based DB Performance Analysis. If you receive the printed magazine it's on page 28 of the December 2011 issue but you can also read it on-line here.

What's the article about?

In the short article, I introduce Unit of Work Time Based Analysis as the intersection of Oracle performance firefighting and Oracle forecasting and predictive analysis.

This intersection is one of the main themes in my two day class, Advanced Oracle Performance Analysis. Understanding and applying the content unlocks deep performance insights and allows you to active a much high level of performance analysis. Why? Because you can objectively compare various performance solutions both numerically and visually. And this comparison can be done from a very high and abstract level (think: pictures) down to a very detailed operations research mathematical level (think: formulas). It's powerful.

It's no coincidence my three classes are similarly entitled: Oracle Performance Firefighting, Advanced Oracle Performance Analysis, and finally Oracle Forecasting & Predictive Analysis.

Because I rarely teach my forecasting class, I want to mention that I will be offering my Oracle Forecasting & Predictive Analysis class in Frankfurt, Germany, February 6 - 8, 2012. I just finished teaching this class in Santa Clara, CA last week and we all had a great time for sure!

My firefighting courses will also be taught in Sweden the week of January 30 and also the week of February 27 in Santa Clara, California.

I hope you enjoy the article! And if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

All the best in your performance endeavors!


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