5 Steps For DBAs To Learn More And Work Less

Posted on 6-Oct-2016 by Katrina Shallahamer / Co-owner of OraPub / katrina@orapub.com

Back in August, I went through a “re-boot” of sorts. I realized that I wasted a lot of time on the little things and wasn’t concentrating on what really mattered. This took the form of being on Facebook too much, or allowing other little “pings” to distract me throughout the day. Then it hit me.

I was taking no time to learn.

Think Small

What happens to me, and maybe to you, is I think I have to learn in large chunks. That I have to set aside ALL THIS TIME to learn something. But, I discovered that I actually get overwhelmed trying to do that. It is too much information all at once. It’s hard to apply afterwards.

I decided to start learning in small chunks of time, like just 10-15 minutes. I would take notes and let those thoughts just swirl around and see what became of them. I began to make these learning times a priority. Many times they would happen in the morning. I would make sure I did no digital and only analog reading, meditating, listening to music beforehand, just settling down a bit. Then I would digest my content for the day. (Just so you know, I do know the concept of queuing theory thanks to Craig’s teaching about his burger stand. You can watch the intro video HERE.) I can be at home in the Oracle waters.

Our Strategy

As you may or may not know, OraPub offers training memberships with learning paths, which are obviously all about learning. We have many satisfied customers. But, I have discovered that when a customer wants to cancel (which they have the freedom to do easily), most of the time the reason is “I do not have time to watch the videos.” They know it will help them, but it’s hard for them to make the time.

Here’s the beauty of OraPub’s video learning. Each module is only 8-10 minutes long. You can continue to learn with just 8-10 minutes a day or a week. It’s up to you. By improving your skills you spend less time working… Wait, what?

Learn More, Work Less

Yes, you heard me correctly. By taking the time to learn you will spend less time working. Why? Because you will become more efficient and create smarter solutions. That is the whole point of learning and improving ourselves. We become better skilled at our jobs and better as human beings, too.

If we continue to make shots in the dark to try and figure out a problem, we will just spin our wheels. We have to take time to learn so we can hit the bullseye!

Here are the 5 quick steps:

That’s it!

When can you make this happen? Our friend, Michael, does this while on his ferry ride to work. Craig and I both work from home, so we make sure we have uninterrupted morning time with a cup of coffee (hand roasted by Craig!) Our friend, Kathleen, reads while doing her stationary bike. Do what works for you.

The important thing is to keep your brain fresh, your enjoyment of life on the high end and to be successful in what you do. By continuing to learn we accomplish these goals. Now go make it happen!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me directly at katrina@orapub.com.

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Craig Shallahamer is a long time Oracle DBA who specializes in predictive analytics, machine learning and Oracle performance tuning. Craig is a performance researcher and blogger, consultant, author of two books, an enthusiastic conference speaker a passionate teacher and an Oracle ACE Director. More about Craig Shallahamer...

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me directly at craig at orapub.com.

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