A Real Story In A Real Life: Everything Started With A Simple Post

Posted on 2-Mar-2016 by Craig Shallahamer, craig@orapub.com

I received a startling email. It was an in-your-face testimony about how an Oracle professional's life changed. It is powerful and you need to read it.

It's about how an Oracle professional took control of his career by increasing his market value. Here is Marco's* story with only a few words changed including his name.

Marco's Story

February 15, 2016

Hi Craig,

Regards from Guadalajara, México. I noticed you posted a video seminar about blogging to propel your career.

I started blogging in early 2005. During 2010, five years after, a development manager from the Oracle database team contacted me to give me the possibility at development and move from Argentina to México because my hard writing work on RAC topics those days. My blog was a humble one with over 20000 visits each month.

Okay, I want to encourage your initiative. Feel free to share my story, because you know, blogging can change your career and life.

How big was the change? Today RAC is my primary team, I'm leading it from the development perspective. I also have other top products. My team made amazing contributions for PDB, many features were written in Guadalajara. I have also chances to move to US but my work will be the same; same team, same managers, it will be just a different location.

The hidden side of my history is, because I was a System Engineer with little formal knowledge in Computer Science I decided to get a Master's degree. In other words, you need to make smart decisions because "you are the architect of your career" and having a chance in most of the cases it's not enough. You will need to support your luck with knowledge and extra effort in education and preparation for the new role.

Hope this is useful for you, real story in a real life, " ... everything started with a simple post."



It's About Your Market Value

When I mentor OraPub members, I help them to increase their market value. This "market value" is what employers look at when they compare your pay check with your perceived skills.

There are few better ways to judge someone's skills than from what they write about. Not a big book project, but many blog posts. After a few posts, your blog becomes a kind of living resume. So, it's a great way for others to see where your expertise resides.

Avoiding The Big Squeeze

Right now, the role of the Oracle DBA is undergoing a tremendous change. For many of us, it feels like a personal attack on the value of what we focused our entire professional life on. And it can hurt.

If you remain stagnate, you will be replaced. You can get upset and bitter, or you can take action. It is a choice.

Every day I work with Oracle DBAs who are going through this. Some of them are very proactive, aligning themselves for success before they feel the squeeze. But some are struggling to find and enhance their market value. There is an exciting path for every Oracle DBA. You just need to find it and take steps.

Be Strategic. Always.

There are many ways to avoid the squeeze. Marco's testimony is about how blogging helped open the door to an amazing career... avoiding the squeeze. If you think blogging may help you, consider the below three resources.

While blogging is not for everyone, this is for every Oracle DBA right now and today. Move onto projects and teams that only focus on company strategic initiatives. Let me put it more bluntly:

Work on strategic projects and you become strategic... valuable.

All the best with increasing your market value.

Enjoy the ride!


* I have changed his name but I have his permission to tell his story.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me directly at craig at orapub.com.

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